If your garage door has recently been damaged or is showing signs of wear-and-tear, do not immediately despair and assume the door automatically requires replacement. While some forms of garage door damage will be severe enough to dictate replacement of the entire door, there are many other cases where simple repairs of a couple panels will be a much more affordable and robust solution.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re here to help with either of these situations. We offer not only a wide range of both commercial and residential garage doors, but also detailed garage door repair services for all our clients, featuring any garage door material and brand on the market. What are the factors we’ll help you assess to determine whether repairing single panels or replacement is the right call, and what are some other important details that come with this process? Here are some basics in a two-part blog series.

panel garage door replacement

Current Damage Extent

Likely the most important variable here is the extent of the damage or wear-down that’s taken place to the door itself. Specifically, you’re looking at whether damage has cause functional issues with the garage door, particularly those that impact safety during operation.

In cases where damage is creating functional problems, it’s vital for our team to determine whether those problems extend to other connected components of the door. In such situations, it will often be more cost-effective and safe to simply replace the entire door; but in many others, such as those where only a panel or two is impacted, replacing just these sections will be the much more efficient move.

Number of Panels Damaged

If panel damage is the issue at hand, another key factor is how many of them have been damaged. At a certain point, such as if you’re replacing more than just a couple panels at once, the cost and labor of panel replacement will actually outstrip that of simply installing a new door altogether. However, if the door only needs another panel or two to be replaced, this will usually be much more affordable than a replacement installation. 

Garage Door Age

If your garage door is already above 15 years of age, or if it has been used particularly often for a period slightly less than this, there will be other cases where replacing individual panels just doesn’t make sense. This is especially true if you know you’ll be replacing the entire door within the next couple years anyway – if that’s the case, why spend extra money on a panel replacement? Simply get the ball rolling on your door installation now.

For more on choosing to replace panels versus install a new garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door installation or maintenance services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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