Salt lake garage doors including steel insulated foam-injected garage doors

Humans know a thing or two about countering the harsh elements of nature. As a civilization, we’ve developed new engineering solutions to make our homes more and more comfortable. The technological progress of garage doors has been no exception. Years of research, development, and improvements in technology have led to foam-injected garage doors. Shielded by a plate of strong steel coating, these foam-injected doors are the epitome of thermo-engineering.

How Insulated Garage Doors Work

Our “solid core” steel doors are exactly that; they have steelfoam skins on the front of the door as well as the back of the door with a polyurethane foam-injected center. The foam center provides the bulk of the insulation, and since it’s injected directly, it seals and bonds tightly to all internal surfaces, providing full coverage for your door. Galvanized steel on the outside protects the door against weather and wear. Full thermal breaks are used in all of our insulated doors to prevent the transfer of heat or cold across metal and give you a more solid seal. All of our doors are constructed with the very best materials and techniques.

A steel-skinned and foam-injected door probably doesn’t sound very aesthetically pleasing, does it? But the truth is that our beautiful customizable designs are available in our insulated garage doors as well as any others. You can get insulated doors in raised panel configurations, including a variety of factory finished colors.

On-Site, Professional Installation for Utah Homes

While the doors themselves are the key factor here, the truth is that how well that garage door is installed can be just as important. You can have the best insulating material available, but it won’t do its job if there’s air getting in between the panels, under the door, and in the corners. We employ the best technicians to ensure that your door is doing its job effectively and that you have proper coverage from your Utah installed door.

Foam-Injected Garage Doors Are Ideal For…

This is the type of door you are looking for when a high insulation value (also known as R-Value) is needed. This especially applies when your garage is underneath a living area and you want to have more effective heating and cooling throughout the whole house. Insulated garage doors are also ideal for people who want to set up a workspace in their Utah garage. You don’t want to be freezing your fingers off every time you want to go work on your hobby furniture project in the garage. Instead, make sure that you’re getting the most from heating or cooling in your garage by keeping it well-insulated.

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