fire doors for utah business

Fire Doors for Utah Businesses

When safety is a must, come to us! Building code regulations in Utah may require you to have fire-rated doors. In such cases, it’s important to know you have feasible options. We offer safe, affordable, energy-efficient fire doors that require minimal maintenance.

Governed speed control is key to a durable fire door. Many coiled fire doors lose spring retention due to stress from unregulated, fast closing upon automatic execution. Our doors are designed to retain spring and are easy to reset so that your doors will be ready and in working order in an actual emergency. Controlling automatic closing speed allows people to get out of harm’s way. Coiling overhead fire doors are available in service door configurations as well as counter door configurations, and conform to the following labeling agency requirement, UL (Underwriters Laboratory), FM (Factory Mutual), and WHI (Warnock Hersey) as well as required “S” (smoke) labels.

Fire door activation can be accomplished by a variety of different triggers, fusible links, building alarm systems, smoke detectors, etc. Fire doors are not just for fire protection but are designed for daily use. The added features make the doors no less functional on a daily basis and may even be an improvement from what you had before.

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