e pride ourselves in delivering the best in both commercial garage door and residential garage door products. However, we also strive to provide you with an excellent customer service experience. Whether you’re speaking with our knowledgeable sales representatives; our team of design experts; or our installation and repair specialists– we hope that your experience is comfortable and the results are satisfying.


Please, feel free to contact us and let us know about your experience with Crawford.

The service was exceptional. The company representative returned my call early on the first work day (Monday) and came to the house to survey the damage the same day. The repair was completed the same week (Thursday). The representative also lubricated the repaired door and a second garage door.”
The door was installed and functioning properly but the installer looked a little distraught so my wife asked him if he was OK. He said he got a little dirt on the inside (white part) of the door. He was really concerned about it and kept trying to clean it. After watching him for a few seconds not having success with the spot, my wife walked over to look at the spot. It was really nothing and she told him she had some cleaner that she would take care of it. She said he seemed really sad leaving without the door being perfect.I have to commend the installer for taking such pride in his work. Most of the time workers don’t exhibit that much pride in their work but it really reflects on the company.Anyway, the door is great. My wife saved the mark until I got home so she could tell me the story – she was impressed by his diligence and concern. She had to point it out to me because it was so small I couldn’t find it on my own, and then she quickly cleaned it with one of her cleaners. Please thank your installer for taking pride in what he does and being a great representative of Crawford Door Sales.”
-Scott W. Lee
He explained our options for the issues we were having, he (Scott) was very honest and helpful. Very good experience, we did not expect his truthfulness and honesty. We will use and recommend this company again.
I appreciated Shari’s helpful and pleasant service to get him in touch with Randy who was also most excellent, speedy, knowledgeable, and friendly.– George Michael
I am calling to complain about Enrique and Kim did too good of a job! Thanks very much!
Called in to say “ he appreciated Scott’s Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly service. He was dealing with another door company to try and solve a problem the settling of his foundation and they told him the door would have to be removed completely and reinstalled, so he called us for a second opinion and Scott was able to fix it with some skillful adjustments.
-Mike Rasmussen
My husband and I have used Crawford Door Sales a few times for various services. We used them before we were members on Angie’s list. We have been very pleased with every service we had them perform for us. They replaced our garage door opener right after we bought our home. One Friday September 6, 2013, we had Crawford Door Sales replace our old garage door with a brand new one. I called the on Wednesday August 28and Jay was at my house on Thursday to provide us with a bid. Because we have had all positive experiences with Crawford Door Sales in the past we did not get any other bids. The price was great and we received a discount for being Angie list members. Our door is beautiful and extremely quiet. I wish I could remember the installers name, (Curtis) but he was professional and accommodating to our schedule. I would recommend Crawford Door Sales to anyone.
Dennis and Shari are so nice and helpful that this is not just a place of business it is a public service.