If you want to guarantee protection from environmental infiltration, look no further than our Overhead Coiling Roll Up door offerings in Utah. There are many different options when it comes to your selection of overhead coiling roll-up doors. We can offer maximum sound buffering, superior insulation, ventilation, and energy savings.

Service Rolling Doors:

You can choose an overhead coiling roll-up door option for your service doors, which can often be used in high-cycle applications. You can get these doors either insulated or uninsulated, depending on what your specific needs are. There are many color and material options to choose from when you choose an overhead coiling roll-up option for your service door.

Counter Doors:

A counter door is the kind of covering you often see over reception areas, pharmacies, storage areas, concession stands, and hospital counters in Utah. These doors are designed with their physical appeal in mind, and so they’re available in many different finishes and materials. These materials include steel, aluminum, stainless, and many different wood options.

Utah Fire Doors:

Our Overhead coiling roll-up doors are also an option when installing a fire door in Utah. These can be selected in both service door configurations and counter door configurations. They can be supplied conforming to the following labeling agency requirements: UL(Underwriters Laboratory), FM(Factory Manual), S(Smoke), and WHI(Warnock Hersey). There are many different activation options as well, so make sure you talk with one of our representatives to make sure that you select the option that will work best for you.

Security Grilles:

An overhead coiling roll-up door is the perfect solution for security grilles. This way you can secure the space, but keep the area visible. This is common in storefronts, shopping malls, storage spaces, and pharmacies.

Watch this video from our manufacturer for the full scoop on how Overhead Coiling Roll Up Doors will meet your insulation and energy needs: