Utah residential garage doors including steel garage doors

Reliable Steel Garage Doors for Utah Homes

One of the oldest and most reliable designs of garage doors is the single-layer steel door. The first automatic garage door was designed in this style, and it is still immensely popular today. This is because, while done before, there is a strength and elegant simplicity to the design that makes it an exceptional addition to any home. Our own single-layer steel doors are made from 24 gauge non-nominal steel sections that make for a durable garage door that will protect and be a part of your Utah home for many years to come.

Single layer or “Pan” doors are the most common type of garage doors. Although many garage experts recommend 2 or 3-layer insulated doors for extra protection from noise and the elements, there are a variety of options for insulating single-layer doors for more than adequate security. Among other options, we provide corrosion-resistant protective finish and a heavy vinyl bottom weather seal for maximum weather protection.

Garage doors can be a surprisingly easy way to add beauty and versatility to the look of your Utah home. Single-layer doors are typically offered in a raised panel with different panel configurations as well as a variety of factory-finished colors to choose from. They can also be field painted. Polystyrene insulation can be added to the back side of the doors to provide insulation value as well as rigidity. Whatever your aesthetic preference, these doors are designed to provide unique characteristics to match your home while still ensuring long-lasting stability.

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