Salt Lake steel carriage garage doors & modern garage doors

Many Utah homeowners face a classic dilemma while choosing the material for their garage door: should they go for something easy to maintain? Or something that looks great?

Well, now you don’t have to compromise. Our steel carriage house doors give you the best of both worlds.


The Pros and Cons of Wood Doors in Utah

Modern trends are leaning more and more towards a classic look, and wood is the star of the show. The warmth of the grained texture makes it timeless, and the perfect addition when you want your home to look welcoming and comfortable. Wood is especially popular for those who want the carriage house look for their home, a charming but aristocratic effect reminiscent of traditional stables. This style has seen a huge upswing in recent years, as people strive to achieve a polished yet effortlessly relaxed mood in their home design.

However, wood has some drawbacks. Cheap wood shows signs of wear and tear in no time at all, and doesn’t offer any protection or insulation from the elements. It’s necessary to get high-quality of hardwood in order to ensure that your garage door doesn’t look like a weatherbeaten sailor after a single winter. Furthermore, no matter what kind of wood you get, or how you treat it, you’ll still have to re-paint and re-stain regularly to make sure that it looks beautiful.

The Durability of Steel, Aesthetics of Wood

Steel, on the other hand, requires virtually no maintenance. And although steel used to be a bit of a one-trick pony, difficult to manipulate and design, modern developments have given us the ability to add texture and color that you’ll love. Our steel carriage house doors are available in all of the traditional carriage door configurations, and they require little to no maintenance on your part for them to keep up their beautiful appearance and function.

Browse Design Options for Steel Carriage Garage Doors

We manufacture all of the different standard styles of carriage house doors at our main warehouse facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This means that your customized design is ready for delivery right away; often within 24 hours!

Colors and designs of our steel carriage house doors imitate the look of classic wood choices like mahogany, walnut, and English oak. We can help you determine which look will best complement your home, and guide you from conception to execution in order to ensure that you are happy with your steel carriage garage door.

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