high-speed garage doors for warehouse in utahOur high-speed doors are built to maximize efficiency in your Utah workplace. Built to endure harsh conditions and heavy usage, our doors are customized to your commercial needs, and installed by our award-winning professionals at your convenience.

High-speed doors grant you more specific control and efficiency over your transportation and separation needs, without sacrificing on safety or durability. Their function is to open quickly, smoothly, and readily whenever you need, and close safely and rapidly. Many of our Utah clients love our high-speed doors because they maximize efficiency in workflow, increase their security, and improve their energy efficiency.

High-Speed Garage Doors Maximize Efficiency in Workflow

Especially in high-traffic areas, the time spent waiting for garage doors to open and close can be a drain on resources. Your workplace requires a smooth flow of people, vehicles, and goods from place to place. However, leaving thresholds open indefinitely is usually impractical, whether that’s due to necessary security measures, healthplace safety, or air conditioning controls.

High-speed doors allow you to maximize the speed and efficiency with which you work, without compromising on work standards. You also have the option of high-performance doors, which will continue to function despite harsh conditions and heavy usage. This ensures that your Utah workplace runs smoothly and continuously, without being held up by inconvenient repairs and replacement needs.

Increased Security for Utah Businesses

For sensitive areas where increased security is needed, high-speed doors are especially useful. How often has something besides your vehicle taken advantage of the time that doors take to open and close? Whether your worry is over local pests and rodents getting into your warehouse, or security breaches from people who are interested in infiltrating your facility, our high-speed doors minimize your vulnerability and grant you more control over your Utah business thresholds.

Improved Energy Efficiency

During the height of summer or the depth of winter, energy costs for controlling the temperature in your Utah facility can spike. Sometimes this is to protect the goods in your warehouse, sometimes it’s for the comfort of workers and clients. However, in any case, more control over your doors and thresholds can limit this expenditure. High-speed doors minimize the airflow in and out of your facility and improve energy efficiency in your workplace.

Uncompromised Safety & Durability

Here at Crawford Door Sales, safety has always been our watchword. Each of our employees undergoes security training above and beyond industry standards. With our long-standing ties to the mining industry and military, we’ve learned and benefited from increased training in safety and security across the board. We understand that while you want to save time with your new garage door, you never want to do it at the expense of workplace safety. That’s why we offer excellent customer service and highly trained field employees to perform your customized Utah installation.