We live in a world where much of home and commercial building improvement is centered on energy efficiency. This includes everything from the light bulbs that you screw in your lamps to the types of windows you install. Energy efficient items and actions can do a lot for helping both the environment and the cost of your energy bill.

With this focus on energy efficiency, it’s no surprise that this concern has extended outside the home and office building and into the garage. While most people don’t often think of the garage door as a place to make energy-efficient improvements, there are many benefits to including this part of the house or office in your energy-efficient planning.

An energy-efficient garage door is better insulated than a normal garage door and is more adept at reducing (or eliminating) drafts. This is particularly important in the colder months of the year. The first obvious benefit of an energy-efficient garage door comes if you have a heated garage. Heated garages can be found in both the home and in offices where the garage stores temperature-sensitive materials. An energy-efficient garage door will help limit the amount of heat loss.

There are two other big benefits that come from reducing the amount of heat loss in your garage. The first is for your actual home or office. Even if you don’t have a heated garage, an attached garage can go a long way in helping keep your home or office warmer. When you have a leaky garage door, your home or office heater has to work harder to keep the space warm, while an energy-efficient garage door helps keep the heat trapped inside the space.

The second big benefit is for garages that store your cars. Cold weather can be damaging to the battery of your car as well as make it difficult to start your car. With an energy-efficient garage door – even one that is unheated – your car will be better protected against the cold weather. This means fewer problems starting your car and a longer life for your battery.

If you are installing a new garage door, make sure that you talk to your garage door company about the energy-efficient door possibilities. This small decision can go a long way to helping the overall energy efficiency of your home or office.

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