Your garage door is a great asset to your home. It provides protection and security to your valuables and against potential home invasions. However, if the door is not used properly or you don’t take the correct safety measures around the door, it can become a potential liability. To ensure that you, your family, and your possessions remain safe, here are a list of garage safety tips that you should always follow.

The first main concern with garage doors is physical safety. The sheer size and weight of the garage door means that it can easily cause injury or even death when it comes in contact with a human body.

The first step to ensuring safety is to have a garage door that adheres to current safety standards. Old doors don’t have the same precautions and safety equipment that newer doors possess. The biggest improvement in technology are sensors that, when triggered, reverse the course of the garage door. If your door is not equipped with auto-reversing features, then you should give serious consideration to upgrading your door.

When you have a door that has all the necessary safety precautions, it’s important to have it regularly inspected in order to make sure that all the springs, pulleys, cables and rollers are working properly. You should do visual inspections yourself on a monthly basis, and should have your system looked at by a garage door professional on a yearly basis in order to adjust the more technical parts of your door. It’s also important that you regularly check the reverse mechanism. This can easily be done by placing a 2×4 board in your garage door’s path while it is closing. If the door does not automatically reverse, make sure you have it inspected by your garage door repairman.

If you have small children in the home, one of the best preventive steps you can take is to make sure any garage door openers are out of their reach. If you have an opener mounted on the wall, install it at least 5 feet up the wall. Never let your children play with the opener or near the actual door. Make sure you know where your emergency release is on your door – and how to use it.

The second main concern is home security. While a garage door can go a long way to keep invaders out of your home, when used incorrectly, it can also give them easy access. Never leave your garage door partially open. If you have coded access, use a box with a rolling-code technology, which will automatically change your access codes every time the door is opened.

Another way to prevent home invasion through your garage door is to never leave your garage door opener in your car. Thieves will either break into the car, or simply steal the car, and use the opener to gain access into your home. It’s also a good idea to always leave the door leading from your garage to your home locked.

By following these simple safety tips you can ensure your garage door protects you, your family, and your home.

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