Many who are unfamiliar with them don’t quite realize the versatility and wide range of uses and purposes for garage doors, particularly in the commercial realm. While many residential garage doors are used for relatively similar purposes, those in commercial buildings can have a much wider range of potential usefulness.

At Crawford Door Sales, we offer a wide range of high-performance commercial garage doors for various businesses and needs. What are some of the uses various companies and locations find for these doors? This two-part blog will go over this plus some parts and factors you should consider if you’re looking into a new garage door for your commercial building.

factors commercial garage door purchases

Common Commercial Uses

Garage doors can be a highly valuable part of many businesses. Here are some of the business types and general themes that most commonly utilize these structures:

  • Restaurants: Commercial garage doors are vital in many restaurants for separating parts of the facility from others. Some restaurants use them to open or close off outdoor seating areas, for instance, while others may use them in the back of the house for food supply and other logistical needs.
  • Hotels: The variety of uses within hotels may be even greater, from rolling gates that form entryways to supply areas and much more. Some hotels even use modified garage doors to separate indoor and outdoor pools, for instance.
  • Gyms and studios: Areas like gyms, yoga studios and similar businesses often utilize garages that allow some clients to work outdoors when the weather is right.
  • Security themes: Whether for a retail business or any other, commercial garage doors are perfect for keeping certain areas locked and off-limits during non-business hours.

Components to Consider

There are a few important components of a commercial garage door to consider if you’re thinking about installing one in your business:

  • Design: Generally speaking, the two primary design concepts available to you will be rolling grilles or sectional doors. You may also have the option for sheet design, but this is less common. Rolling grilles are smaller sections that roll into a barrel when opened, while sectional entries have larger sections connected by hinges. For security purposes, rolling grilles are used more often.
  • Insulation: There are a few important factors in insulation, from R-value (measuring how well a material slows heat transfer) to a few others based on insulation type and testing.
  • Size and clearance range: You need to consider lift clearance, headroom, side room, back room, and the space between walls where you install the door (called the daylight opening in many cases).

For more on the factors you should be considering before purchasing a commercial garage door for your business, or to learn about any of our commercial or residential garage door options, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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