In part one of this two-part blog, we dug into some of the basic versatility of commercial garage doors, plus some factors to consider if you’re a business owner or manager looking to purchase one for your facility. Commercial doors are highly useful materials for several distinct purposes, and can also bring major convenience to many business types.

At Crawford Door Sales, we offer a wide range of commercial garage doors, from sectional doors to high-speed options and many more. In today’s part two, we’ll look at several specific elements of a commercial garage door that could make the difference between a prudent and improper purchase for your business.

factors commercial garage door purchases

Upfront Costs

For starters, you’ll want to think about the basic purchase and installation costs for any model you select. Sheet styles tend to cost the least when it comes to installation, while rolling grilles cost a bit more because stronger hardware is needed to support them – though you have to consider the value you receive for this extra money, of course. Other factors that will play a role in upfront cost will include windows, size, color choices and more.

Door Operator Style

There are several potential door operation styles, and which you choose depends on a few factors for your business. Here are some options:

  • Door lock hoist: These are hoists that include sensors on the lock, plus a chain for manually opening a grille or rolling door if needed.
  • Jackshaft operators: If your area doesn’t have much overhead space to work with, the jackshaft operator installs on the side. These options have manual operation capabilities in case power fails.
  • Hoist operators: These are manually operated floor chains that work whether or not there’s power.
  • Overhead operators: These are some of the most common operators, and they come in numerous styles. Ask our pros about which is right for you.
  • Sliding operators: Operators that pull double or single sliding doors apart.
  • Trolley operators: Classic motors that are strong enough to lift the door.

Durability and Maintenance Needs

How long will your new door last after installation with proper care? Rolling shutters or grilles are considered the most durable options out there if this is a major priority for you, with concealed springs and long hinges that stay good for years.

In addition, you want to investigate the general cost and time commitment associated with maintaining your new door. Sectional doors are often the simplest here, with easy components to reach for replacement or maintenance. But rolling grilles come with lower overall costs due to how infrequently they require such upkeep.


How does the door look? This is especially vital if it’s in an area where customers frequently spend time, such as near products. Aesthetics refer not only to the door’s opening format, but also to window choice, color selection and several others.


Finally, strongly consider energy costs associated with a commercial garage door. Sectional doors are often considered the highest-efficiency options when it comes to R-value and insulation, with sheet styles considered the least efficient models.

For more on the factors to consider before purchasing a commercial garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door products, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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