overhead rolling doorCommercial garage doors can be a major investment, and therefore it’s important to do what you can to keep them looking new throughout their lifespan. Moreover, having clean commercial doors can give your facility or business a more professional presence. Here is a brief guide to keeping your commercial garage doors looking new longer.

Clean your door regularly.

When it comes to keeping your commercial door looking like new, the most important thing you can do on an everyday basis is keep it clean. These doors are exposed to harsh outdoor elements, dirt, and grime on a regular basis, after all. How you clean your commercial door will largely depend on the type of door and door material, but here are a few general cleaning tips:

  • Use a gentle cleaner. As long as you are cleaning your commercial doors regularly, a gentle cleaner should be enough to keep your doors clean and clear from dirt and grime. Always use with a mild cleaner that is safe for use on your particular commercial door material and finish. Wash the surface of your door using a gentle sponge or clean cloth.
  • Be wary of pressure washing. Pressure washing is a highly effective way to remove dirt and grime from metal, but it does have the potential to damage aluminum doors or force water through the sides of doors that are not properly sealed.
  • Rinse thoroughly with a hose. Instead of pressure washing, rinse the door thoroughly with a hose on a gentle setting, taking care not to point the hose directly at the garage doors if you suspect that your doors are not fully sealed.

Practice preventative maintenance.

A few steps of preventative maintenance can help keep your commercial doors free from unsightly damage. Installing a rolling door protector, for example, can help protect your rolling door from forklift impact. Installing a heavy duty bottom bar, meanwhile, can create a barrier that absorbs bottom bar impacts from forklifts. You can read more about preventative maintenance for commercial doors in our blog post about it here.

Get your door serviced regularly.

Getting your garage door serviced regularly—even when it is in good, functioning order—will also help protect it from unsightly damage. Make it a goal to have your commercial door inspected and tuned up at least once a year with normal use. You can read more about regular commercial garage door service in our blog post about it here.

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