At Crawford Door Sales, it’s our pleasure to provide a wide range of residential and commercial garage door repair services. Whether you require basic alignment and track upgrades or are in need of emergency services, our team is available 24/7 to fill your needs.

There are several distinct components to a garage door that may wear down or require replacement over time. How do you know when repairing such an area is the prudent choice rather than considering replacement of the entire door? Let’s look at a few such components and when they might wear down, plus assessing your entire garage door situation and determining whether an individual repair or a larger replacement is the optimal move.

garage door components repair

Garage Hinges

Nearly all modern garage doors have hinges, which allow the door to roll up into the roof of the garage rather than swinging straight up. Hinges are what allow for the bending and contouring needed for this system to work.

Like with many other repetitive mechanical processes that involve some friction between materials, though, hinges may wear down over a period of years and thousands of openings and closings. They’re one of the most common parts that requires repair on a given door.

Garage Springs

Another highly common component in garage doors are springs, which are virtually guaranteed to be present in your modern door. The two most commonly-seen formats today are torsion springs or extension springs, coiled metal pieces that absorb much of the weight and impact when the door is opened or closed.

While this can vary between manufacturers and door models, most garage door springs are rated to last roughly 10,000 openings and closings of the door. This usually translates into about seven or eight years of use for the average home or business owner, though this could obviously vary drastically if you use your garage more or less often than most.


Garage door openers are designed to last a long time, but they also contain several specific components. If your model is older and has started to fail, particularly if you can manually open and close the door easily and with no resistance, it could be time to replace the door opener – this comes with both convenience and security benefits to keep in mind.

Full-On Replacement

If your garage has been in place for at least a decade, and/or if you’ve begun to notice more common repairs and breakdown concerns, it could be time to replace the system entirely. There are many cases where doing so actually comes in at a far lower cost than continuing to make the same kinds of repairs over and over again. Our team will help you assess the potential costs involved and determine whether this is the prudent move for you based on your budget and needs.

For more on important components in the garage door that may require repair, or to learn about any of our residential or commercial garage door services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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