For those looking to make significant additions or renovations to their home, one potential theme that’s growing in popularity over recent years is a second garage. Garages offer several distinct benefits, including modern uses that may not have been common a generation or two ago, and many homeowners find both practical and aesthetic value in adding them.

If you’ve chosen to go down this path or are considering it, the team at Crawford Door Sales is here to provide you with a wide range of residential garage doors, garage door operators and numerous related products and services. There are several potential benefits to a second garage on your property, whether it’s specifically attached or built separately from the main structure. This two-part blog will dig into some of the reasons why homeowners consider this upgrade and why it might be perfect for you.

benefits installing second garage

Additional Security

For starters, one of the more common reasons why homeowners look to add a second garage is because their current one is not fully attached to the home. For some, this creates an unwanted security risk where you have to park the car, then leave the garage separately to enter the home, including during evenings and dark nights.

Installing a new garage that attaches to the home directly solves this issue quickly and efficiently. Not only does it improve security, it assists with convenience and even safety for anyone with movement issues or a potential handicap, folks who don’t want to be making a long trek to and from the garage every time they come and go.

Home Value

Many homeowners look for renovations or upgrades that come with a high ROI (return on investment), and a new garage area fits the bill in the majority of cases. One of the biggest reasons for this is the space it adds – the real estate market loves additional space, and adding it often increases your home value above and beyond the cost of such an upgrade.

Car Storage

Speaking of space, many homeowners find their needs for it change over the years – particularly for the storage of cars, the primary purpose of a garage. Especially for growing families with kids who may reach driving age and get their own vehicles, there may be a need to add more space for the safe, secure storage of all family vehicles. Many homeowners resist the idea of leaving cars out on the street, and with good reason – rates of burglary and other issues are far higher, plus exposure to the elements can lower vehicle value much faster than if the car is protected each night.

For more on why you might consider a second garage door, or to learn about any of our residential or commercial garage door services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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