Warehouse interiorWhen you buy a commercial garage door for your work space or warehouse, you want to make sure that it will have a long life, running smoothly for years to come. The average residential garage door opens and closes roughly a thousand times a year. That number is often multiplied exponentially for commercial doors, and so it’s important to take good care of the door in order to get the most out of your investment.

However, many people make basic mistakes with their commercial garage doors that compromise security, and create unnecessary strain on the mechanics, precipitating costly repairs and replacements. Here are some of the most common mistakes that new garage door owners make:

Leaving it halfway open

This is one of the most basic ways to reduce the life of your garage door opener. While most commercial garage doors are built to hold up under the strain of opening and closing repeatedly, the mechanism isn’t constructed to continuously hold up the weight efficiently anywhere except for all-up or all-down. Halfway open is a position of constant stress, and so it causes things to break down more quickly.

One more consideration regarding the half-open position of the garage door is that it can cause a safety hazard. Many people opt for this arrangement because they want to be able to have people move in and out without opening the door completely each time. However, passing under the door while it’s partway open, especially if it’s a common habit of yours to have it partially opened, can pose a major safety risk. The garage door can suddenly drop, trapping or injuring anyone passing underneath. In order to keep your workplace safe and keep your garage door opener in good repair, always keep the door fully opened or closed.

Using old fashioned garage door openers

If your garage door is older, the odds are that your remote control opener is also old. This can be a major breach in security. A few decades ago, garage door remotes were all programmed to roughly the same frequency. Later on, customizable codes were introduced, but those are still often not giving you the security you need. A single code sequence allows for potential burglars to use a code-grabber to intercept your signal and duplicate it later.

The most recent garage door openers feature rolling-code technology, which transmits a brand new code (out of billions of options) every time you open your door, which makes code grabbers almost obsolete. For any sensitive situation, it’s important to use these recent security features. So, even if your garage door is older, look into modern updates that will keep your possessions and workplace secure.

Neglecting periodic repairs

Most people believe that a garage door is simply installed and then runs without need for any assistance until it breaks down. However, if you conduct regular checks and repairs, you can greatly extend the life and safety of your garage door. During regular checks, we inspect:

  • Balance of the garage door
  • Rollers
  • Torsion and extension springs

We also lubricate and check out all the other moving parts of the engine and lifting mechanism to ensure that things run smoothly and that there are no impediments to gunk up the system.

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