One of the great things about being a homeowner is that there are always things you can do to improve the overall quality of your home. Some obvious areas to upgrade are in your kitchen, your yard and landscaping, and the exterior of your home. One room of your home that is often neglected, and probably in need of some TLC, is your garage. Your garage is probably mainly used for storing your car and miscellaneous lawn maintenance equipment. But your garage has a lot of potential with just a few easy upgrades.

Add ceiling storage

A popular way to store seasonal items in your garage is on shelves lining the walls of your garage. But there’s a lot of space that you’re not utilizing on your ceiling. Installing overhead shelving is a quick weekend DIY project that won’t cost you very much. Be cautious and make sure you give plenty of room for your garage door to maneuver. The best things to store in these shelves will be seasonal items that you rarely need to access, that don’t weigh very much, just for safety reasons.  

Open your garage door from your phone

It would seem that there’s an app for everything. You can download apps to manage your finances, help you keep track of your exercise and diet, and now, you can download an app to open your garage door. This is helpful for those times that your garage door opener just doesn’t seem to be working, no matter how hard you push the button. Instead of being locked out of your home, you can just use the app to open your door. A huge bonus to this is that you can control your garage door even if you’re not anywhere near your house. How many times have you accidentally left your garage door open all day? There are a few apps on the market, make sure you check out MyQ garage opener!

Build a dedicated work space

What’s the room of your house you use the most when you’re working on home improvement projects? Your garage. The garage is an easy place to work, because you won’t get the rest of your home dirty from sawing tile, sanding floorboards, and mixing paint. It just makes sense to have a work bench and a table tucked away in a corner of your garage to work with. A simple wooden slab table and a work bench with a sturdy lamp will be more than sufficient, and will make all future home improvement upgrades a breeze.

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