Your garage is a dirty space in your home to store your car, and that’s it. Right? What if we told you that there are a countless number of other uses for your garage that would help you get the most out of the limited space in your home? Your garage doesn’t just have to be for your vehicles and storing your extra weed killer spray.

Laundry room

A lot of homes have the necessary hookups for a washer and dryer in a room relatively close to the garage. That space is generally pretty small, making doing laundry kind of cramped. Just think of all the things you could do with that space if you could do laundry somewhere else! Now you can. If you’re good at keeping your garage clean, or need an excuse to keep it clean, moving your laundry room into your garage is a great idea. If you have a noisy dryer, you won’t be able to hear the noise anymore, as long as your garage is well insulated. Because the garage is generally in close proximity to your existing laundry room, it won’t be very difficult for an electrician and plumber to come and install hookups in your garage.

Photo Studio

We live in an age of technology. Everyone has a camera in their back pocket. More and more areas of business are realizing the value of having high quality photos of their workspace and their products. If you have a business that sends out a lot of merchandise, and you’ve been struggling to find a consistent place to take pictures of your products, look no further! A garage can be a great place to convert into a photo studio. The simplest way is to clean and paint one wall a plain color(grey is a great color for this, as it won’t show dirt as quickly as white will), and then also paint the floor(try out epoxy paint!). You can either bring in studio lights, or just simply open your garage door for a natural light source.

At home gym

A garage is the perfect place to work out at home. It’s out of the way, and since it can be a dedicated space, it will motivate you to finish your workout and not get distracted. The conversion for this is simple, and often you can just utilize one small corner of your garage for this. Install a pull up bar on your ceiling, and bring a padded flooring in for the necessary space. Beyond that, you’ll just need the workout equipment, such as weights.

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