At Crawford Door Sales, while garage doors are the foundation of our business, they’re not all we offer. We also provide a wide range of additional products in both residential and commercial sectors, and one type here that’s often highly beneficial for many businesses is the rolling door, one of several commercial products we can help you source.

Also known as a roller shutter, a coiling door or a sectional overhead, a rolling door is a type that features horizontal systems that easily raise and close. Here are some basics on how rolling doors work, plus why they’re often so valuable for business owners.

rolling doors business investment

Rolling Door Basics and Functions

These same rolling themes may also apply to window shutters, but for now we’ll primarily discuss service rolling doors in particular. These doors use horizontal slats that are hinged together, available in several different durable materials. They can be either insulated or uninsulated, and may either be manually opened and closed or controlled by a motor.

Rolling doors are extremely simple to operate – even easier than some traditional garage door types, in fact. They’re relatively basic items without a huge range of components, as well.

Security and Discretion

For many business owners, the primary benefit of rolling doors is the security they offer. Alarms and cameras are fine, but they don’t stop an extremely determined criminal from still carrying out their illegal act to begin with – but rolling doors do actively help prevent this by making entry into your space virtually impossible.

Rolling doors made of our quality materials are far more difficult than other door types to break into. Even if a thief manages to do so, it will take them such a long time that authorities will have arrived first. And yet on the flip side, these doors look inconspicuous – they don’t have to be accompanied by cameras or security bars that make it obvious you’re housing valuable items inside.

Insulation Quality

Another major benefit of rolling doors for business owners is their insulation properties. These doors don’t have to be insulated if you want to save some money and don’t need it, but if you do, the capabilities here are extremely strong. Rolling doors with extremely high R-values are common – R-value refers to the heat transfer blocked by your insulation. You can save significant amounts in energy and air costs through installing a rolling door.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Finally, rolling doors are very easy to install and maintain. They can be customized to a variety of space needs, and when they’re pulled up, they sit nicely out of the way. They make for convenient use and require very little maintenance to last for many years.

For more on rolling doors, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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