As longtime residents well know, Utah is a curious place when it comes to temperature. Folks who live here experience a full range of weather throughout the year, from heavy snowfall in winter to hot, dry summers that seem to stretch on forever.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re here to tell you about one home item that needs to be able to stand up to this wide range of temperatures: The garage door and its various components, which we’re proud to offer in numerous styles, from residential to commercial and including materials like steel, wood, glass and others. Extreme temperatures can put these kinds of components to the test, but with the right simple tactics, you’ll be prepared for any season even in a state where weather varies as heavily as Utah. Here are some basics to think about.

garage door care temperature ranges

Cold Weather Considerations

During colder winters, certain kinds of home items may not work as well. Those with batteries, for instance, might have shorter lifespans, and cold temperatures might make materials more brittle or likely to sustain damage. A few basic tips to prioritize each year as you prepare for winter:

  • Check your owner’s manual: In many cases, garage manufacturers will include specific information in their manuals about cold-weather operation.
  • Basic upkeep and inspections: Just before winter is never a bad time to inspect your garage door and ensure it’s well-maintained, with no loose components or worn-down areas that could further wear down during the cold.
  • Lubrication: Down similar lines, ensuring your entire system is properly lubricated ahead of cold weather, preferably with a lubricant made for cooler temperatures, will keep things working well.
  • Leaks: Finally, check your entire garage area to ensure it’s not susceptible to leaks, which will lead to ice formation on or around the garage door. Ice can not only make the door louder and annoying when in operation, it can also create major damage.

Warm Weather Considerations

While warm weather doesn’t lead to the same kinds of mechanical issues as cold weather, there are still some to consider. Especially when the temperature approaches 100 degrees, as it commonly will during the Utah summer, minor issues may appear. Many of the same themes apply as in cold weather – check the owner’s manual for tips, and ensure the garage door is in good shape during the spring before the heavy summer hits.

In addition, consider friction as a theme here. Garage doors naturally create friction when they roll up and down, and this can be heightened when it’s warmer outside – and makes using a quality lubricant all that much more important.

Size Changes and Balance

One tip if you happen to live in an area where temperatures change extremely quickly is to consider size fluctuations. Big changes in temperature may cause certain components to swell or subside, especially if your garage door is made of wood. You’ll want to ensure these changes never cause a balance or alignment issue, which can throw your garage out of calibration and lead to safety or wear issues.

For more on properly caring for your garage door throughout a given year of Utah weather, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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