IMG_0755Traditional garage doors have become the standard for most properties, but many home and business owners still choose to use carriage house doors for their properties. Traditional garage doors are perhaps more functional for a wider set of purposes, but this isn’t always the case. Carriage style doors have many practical applications relative to their traditional overhead counterparts. They can also be used very effectively for achieving certain aesthetic goals for your home as well. Here are some things to consider while deciding which type of door is ideal for you.

While traditional doors are the norm now, there are still a wealth of situations where carriage doors might be a functional alternative. Notice that many types of traditional doors require an amount of space inside your garage for when they open and the door rolls up. If the door is installed relatively close to the ceiling, this isn’t such a concern. However, if there is a lot of building space above the garage door, having to account for hardware and the area of a large overhead door may prevent you from utilizing all the space of your home efficiently.

Carriage doors that swing open can allow for a different configuration of the door hardware that leaves the space above the door open. This would make it possible to build storage rafters or maybe even another floor above the door space, provided there is enough room. Carriage doors may also provide the look and ambience that gives your home the accent that it needs. Typically, carriage doors can give your property a very classic farmhouse feel, but they can also be updated to have a more modern factory or industrial type look as well.

Essentially, carriage doors have many purposes and can achieve almost any look, but there are some important details to consider about them. For one, because they swing open, they require a substantial amount of space in front of them. If your home doesn’t have a lot of driveway space, it might not be ideal to have doors that swing out. This also means that for them to open and close, the space in front of them needs to be kept clear. In high traffic situations where the door needs to be opened and closed a lot, this could be a potential problem. Additionally, this may be a safety concern if children could potentially place themselves in the way of the doors.

While traditional doors have become the standard, there are still many instances where carriage doors may be a viable and convenient alternative. If anything, the look and feel of swinging doors may be exactly what you need to achieve the perfect look for your home or business. Here at Crawford Doors, we can help you decide what the best choice is for you and also help you get the best deal on exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look at our selection and give us a call!


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