At Crawford Door Sales, we’re proud to serve as your comprehensive garage door specialists throughout Utah. We offer not only a wide array of new garage materials and garage installation services, but also residential and commercial garage door repair and upkeep services that keep your door in great shape for years into the future.

When it comes to owners or managers of commercial facilities that include garage door spaces, how frequently should inspections and garage door maintenance be carried out? The answer depends on a few factors. This two-part blog will begin by discussing why garage door maintenance is so important for commercial facilities to begin with, then dig into several variables that play a role in how often they should be serviced.

commercial garage door upkeep frequency

Why Maintenance Matters

Why is maintenance to any garage door, but particularly commercial garage doors, so important? Primarily because of the way it prevents more serious issues.

Yes, it’s true that inspections and maintenance appointments from professionals like ours come with a small cost. Know what comes with a much larger cost, though? Ignoring the small issues that are often discovered during these inspections and upkeep sessions, eventually allowing them to build up into major concerns that come with hefty price tags for repair or may even require a replacement of the entire door.

From this perspective, the cost of such maintenance seems pretty manageable. Spend a little now to avoid major cost and hassle later on, plus keep your door lasting for many years longer than it would if you simply let it wear down on its own.

Our upcoming sections will dig into the variables that impact garage door maintenance frequency needs.

Use Frequency

The first big factor to think about here is how often a given garage door is used on a daily basis. Many commercial facilities use their doors numerous times per day, in which case you should keep a very close eye on service dates and any indicators that issues are taking place. Quarterly inspections should be considered.

In other situations, some companies may only use their doors once or twice a day. In these cases, a standard annual checkup should suffice.

Door Material and Quality

Another important variable here is the quality of the door material and its original installation. A door with the latest in modern garage materials, installed by our team of experts, will not need upkeep as a door that’s 10 years old and was installed by amateurs in the industry. This is an area where you’ll have to make certain judgements for yourself, though we recommend erring on the side of caution.

For more on deciding how often to service your commercial garage doors, or to learn about any of our garage door installation, repair or other services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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