In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the most common garage and garage door insulation types out there. Insulation is important for many garage doors, and particularly for property owners with a fully detached garage that is not connected to the primary home or building.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re happy to provide insulation details for any of our garage door options, from our steel garage doors to wood, glass, foam-injected and numerous other garage door materials. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over some important steps for first deciding whether you need insulation in your detached garage, plus choosing the ideal insulation material and moving forward if you decide the answer is yes.

detached garage door insulation

Why Insulate?

It’s important to note that not all garages necessarily need insulation. While most garage doors themselves will come with at least some level of insulation already installed, the space itself may not need to be insulated if its designed purposes don’t require it. Here are a few of the reasons why property owners may decide to insulate a detached garage:

  • Workspace: Some homeowners will convert a detached garage space into a workspace so they can work from home. In these cases, the area will require temperature control and insulation so you’re comfortable.
  • Living space: In other situations, detached garages are used as guest houses or other full-time living spaces. Once again, it would be unrealistic to expect someone to live in such a space without proper insulation and temperature control.
  • Storage: While many materials can be stored in any temperature, some are temperature-sensitive and must be kept in a certain range. In this case, it pays to insulate the detached garage if it’s being used to store sensitive items.

Is Heating Needed?

In many cases, a simpler question than above can be asked to determine if insulation is needed: Do you plan to heat the detached garage space? Some don’t bother because they won’t be spending enough time in there, in which case insulation might not be a need. But if you do require heating installations, you also need insulation.

Get an Estimate

If you’ve decided you’re going to insulate your garage or further insulate a garage door, you’ll want to begin collecting cost estimates. This will depend not only on the material included – you should get estimates on a few different materials – but also the method involved.

Choose Material

And finally, using the information from your estimate and the basics we went over in part one on common insulation materials, make your choice based on your budget and needs. Our garage door specialists are happy to offer tips on the best insulation material for your detached garage space.

For more on insulating a detached garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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