In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the possible areas to look at when your garage door is becoming noisy. Not only will the proper attention here limit any annoying sounds coming from your garage door during operation, it will also help limit damage risks and help the door last for years into the future without issue.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re happy to provide a variety of residential and commercial garage door repair services, including for doors experiencing major noise issues you’re worried may also be impacting their operational quality. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll look into a few other potential areas or solutions when it comes to a noisy garage door you’re looking to remedy.

reducing noise garage door

Insulation Strip

Have you started to notice a loud, specific banging sound every time the garage door is closed? This is potentially a sign that your insulation strip, located on the bottom of the door, is either worn down or has broken off at some point recently.

When this happens, the door material itself will be slamming into the hard ground surface every time the door closes – that’s the noise you’re hearing. Beyond this, such impact will also damage the material, plus the lack of the strip will allow for temperature loss that makes your building far less efficient from a heating and air standpoint. In such cases, our team will be happy to recommend a replacement insulation strip for your garage door, plus provide services installing it.

Spring Upgrades

In other cases, it will be the springs of your garage door that are causing all the racket. This is particularly true if you’re noticing a harder-than-usual thud or impact when the door closes – this is often because the springs have worn down and are not providing proper cushioning for the door, which is crashing down instead of lowering lightly on the springs.

In the majority of cases, we strongly recommend leaving spring replacement to our team of garage door repair pros. The only exception will be if you have specific training and experience with garage door springs and related components – otherwise you will be risking both personal safety and the quality of the spring installation.

Noise Isolator

In certain situations, most of them found in commercial facilities, there’s a need to completely remove any noise or even minor vibrations from the garage door to the rest of the building. In such situations, owners or managers may consider a specific noise isolator system, one that’s meant to cut out vibrations between the garage engine and metal support structures, completely muting the noise impact from the entire system and allowing for silent operations.

For more on how to limit noise from a garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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