At Crawford Door Sales, we’re proud to serve as reputable, trustworthy garage door installation and repair professionals for clients around Utah. We serve both commercial and residential garage door needs, with fully licensed and insured technicians backed by our company’s long history of quality work throughout the state.

Sadly, like many other home services industries, there are those in the garage door world who are not so devoted to customer well-being – including some scammers who may attempt to bilk you out of your hard-earned money. These individuals or groups will prey on unsuspecting home or business owners who do not have detailed garage door knowledge, taking advantage of this and attempting to confuse them into spending money on spurious products or services. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over everything you need to know about garage door repair scammers, including how to avoid them if they attempt to pull a fast one on you.

avoiding garage door repair scams

Common Garage Door Issues

Firstly, it’s good for home and business owners to have a broad idea of some of the most common garage door issues that will actually take place – this will help you keep your guard up if scammers attempt to make up fake concerns to bait you with. Some of the most frequent garage door issues include:

  • Broken springs: Springs directly above the door opening may break, leading to a gap between coils and operational issues.
  • Remote issues: These can be due to battery issues or more significant connectivity problems.
  • Photo eye problems: Issues with misalignment, obstruction or simple malfunction can cause doors to not open or close properly. You’ll often see the opener light blinking during malfunctions in this case.
  • Noise concerns: Many garage doors become too noisy due to lubrication issues.

Our next few sections will dig into common scams these unscrupulous folks may attempt to pull on you.

“Lifetime” Guarantee

In many cases, scammers will try to sell you a “lifetime” warranty on various products or services they are offering. This is a confusing term – does “lifetime” refer to the life of the door? The life of the technician? The life of the client or the home? In addition, many such warranties will include only parts, not labor – scammers will then use cheap, low-quality materials that are almost certain to fail, then charge you inflated labor rates to repair them down the line.

Lack of Company Affiliation

Certain non-reputable companies may advertise using in-house workers, but then hire out sub-contractors who are not properly trained, licensed or insured. If you see a technician show up to your home in an unmarked vehicle, and especially if they cannot provide proper identification that specifically shows them as an employee of the company, this is a red flag.

Confusing Packages

Finally, maybe the most common scam here is trying to confuse you regarding your garage door. Scammers will use big words and talk quickly, hoping to convince you there are major issues that might not be present at all. They’ll upsell you on inflated charges you don’t really need, taking advantage of your limited knowledge of the industry.

For more on avoiding garage door scammers, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or installation services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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