In parts one and two of this blog series, we went over some of the potential impacts of the winter’s cold weather on your garage door. Without the right kinds of protection, various results of the winter elements, particularly expansion and contraction of materials, can threaten your door’s quality and long-term practical use.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re here to offer several major assistance themes here, including one that’s vital for many garages during all seasons of the year: Insulation. Our foam-injected garage doors involve steelfoam skins on both the front and back, then polyurethane foam in the center to insulate the door and prevent many winter temperature issues from having a negative impact. What are some of the benefits of insulation in a garage door, and why should you be prioritizing this for your next garage door purchase or upgrade?

garage door insulation savings protection

Decreased Heat Loss

First and foremost, insulation in the garage door will limit your heat loss potential and make the area warmer. Garage doors that aren’t insulated, and especially those that aren’t well-maintained and allow for cracks or gaps to form unnecessarily, will allow warm air to escape into the cold. For those who use the garage for any regular daily purposes and heat it using their home HVAC system, this will spike your heating costs significantly.

Insulation, on the other hand, removes these concerns. An insulated garage door experiences exponentially less temperature loss than a non-insulated one over a period of years.

Energy Savings

As we noted above, another major benefit of this lack of temperature loss is your energy bill. Garages are typically one of the least efficient areas in the home when it comes to this area, as they sit open for parts of the day and also may have minor gaps in their bottoms – but this means that insulating the door will have a major impact. In fact, some research has shown that simply insulating your garage door will lower your temperature loss by as much as 70%, and possibly even more if your garage walls are also insulated.

Tool and Item Protection

Cold temperatures in the garage aren’t just an issue for your heating bill – they an also have a major effect on various items in the garage. Many tools will be at risk here, including any with water inside them, which may freeze and crack if the temperature drops too low. You’ll also notice the cold create a gelling effect in fuel, such as leftover gas in your lawn mower or trimmer, and this can destroy or damage equipment.

Other items, such as paints, oil, cleaning supplies, fertilizers and others will also be safer. Both extremely cold and extremely warm temperatures may alter these items, but properly insulated areas are free of these risks.

For more on the value of insulation for your garage door, or to learn about any of our foam insulation or other garage door services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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