In part one of this blog series discussing the impact of cold weather on garage doors, we went over some of the basic effects that may take place during the winter. From simple sticking to spring issues and even potential metal component expansion and contraction concerns, there are several such effects that may impact your door in some way.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re here to help, with services ranging from commercial and residential garage door repair to installation of high-quality garage door components. Today’s part two of our series will look at the practical steps to take if you are experiencing winter garage door issues this season. And while we’ll present these themes from the perspective of a DIY homeowner who will be performing these tasks themselves, know that our garage door technicians are happy to provide assistance with any part or even all of this process if you’re uncomfortable carrying it out yourself or worry about your safety.

winter garage door concerns

Basic First Steps

First and foremost, while a garage door issue may have you worried about component malfunctions or other bigger concerns, the first steps here involve checking for much more minor problems. For starters, replace the battery in your remote with recharged options, plus be sure all the basic connections are in place, including proper alignment of your photo eye that provides visual tracing and door safety.

If these simple checks do not change the problem, it’s time to take the next step. This generally involves lifting your door by hand, which starts with disconnecting the door from its lifting mechanism (usually with a basic pull cord that dangles from the lift and has a red handle). Our pros are happy to help here.

The way the door responds to this manual lift will inform how you proceed, which we’ll discuss in subsequent sections.

Heavy to Lift

If the door feels heavier than it normally does while you try to lift it, this usually means springs are the problem. They’ve either broken completely or have worn down significantly, and are not providing the proper counterweight they’re meant to.

Do not attempt to repair these on your own if this is the case. Call our garage door repair professionals for this job, which requires expertise.

Sticking Issues

If the door is not necessarily heavy, but rather is sticking to the ground in certain places when lifted, this is usually a lubrication problem. Lubrication is especially important during the cold weather for metal parts, allowing them to move along each other without grinding or friction. There are also cases where too much lubrication can create issues.

In other situations, doors sticking are a moisture issue. Frozen water on the ground freezes them shut, but we provided some basic solutions for this back in part one.

Lifts Easily

If the door lifts easily with no issues, but you’re still having problems with basic function, this is probably a motor concern. In nearly every situation, this will require professional repair from our technicians, who you should contact immediately.

For more on how to respond to various cold weather garage door concerns, or to learn about any of our garage door installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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