In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary questions people often have about glass garage doors. Many have never owned or operated a glass garage door before, and they may be wondering how it compares to other types available if considering a new garage door for their home or building.

At Crawford Door Sales, we offer a variety of glass garage door options to go along with our wide selection of garage door materials. Today’s part two will dig into a few additional areas many potential buyers want to know about as they’re comparing and contrasting glass garage doors with wood, steel and other common materials used.

comparing glass garage doors types

Do They Increase Living Space?

In many cases, those looking for a new garage door are doing so in part because they’re hoping to transition some or all of their garage into a living space. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bedroom – some prefer to make this into a home office, or homes with kids might convert it into a game room if it isn’t needed for car storage.

In these situations, glass garage doors are a fantastic option. They bring in tons of natural light, which is known to increase the perception of a given space’s size. They also reduce the electricity needed to light the area, often saving you a bit on energy costs.

What About Maintenance?

Everyone wants to know what kind of maintenance they’ll need to do on a given garage door over the years once they purchase it, and glass garage doors grade out well here as well. For one, they don’t have paint that fades or wood that splinters, areas you might have to think about with wood options.

For another, their frames are very strong. They are made using industrial grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum framing, which stands up to all the elements and will not rust over time. And if you want to change the way they look, you can simply use a new door covering on a glass garage door rather than this requiring an entire new paint job.

Do They Have Strong ROI?

Finally, for those with long-term home value in mind, glass garage doors are often considered an “upscale” home improvement – and these do extremely well when it comes to return on investment and addition to home value. They add a significant amount above the purchase price, and even more so because they cost very little to install and have an outsized impact on curb appeal compared to other garage door materials.

For more on the basics and benefits of glass garage doors and how they compare to other types, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or materials, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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