For a number of reasons, glass garage doors are on a big rise in popularity in recent years. These door options, which combine a beautiful aesthetic with high-quality function all while helping lower your home energy bill, also leave you with limited maintenance and are highly durable.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re proud to provide a wide range of residential glass garage doors. Perhaps the most common question we get about these products: Are they safe? People hear the word “glass” and instantly worry, but there’s actually no reason for concern. Let’s go over the safety elements of our glass garage doors, plus a couple small things to know.
safety features glass garage doors

Tempered Glass Benefits

The primary concern from many buyers with glass garage doors is that they will pose a safety risk to nearby people if accidents happen. We all imagine a movie where a pane of glass shatters into sharp, dangerous pieces, and worry about this for our families.

Here’s the thing, though: This simply isn’t a risk with our glass garage door options, many of which come with tempered glass options. Tempered glass is far stronger than typical glass, meaning it won’t break as easily to begin with, but it’s also far safer in cases where breakage does take place. Instead of turning into shards with sharp edges that pose major risks, tempered glass will break into tiny, even-sized pieces that don’t risk cutting people or items. In the extremely rare case where the door does shatter – again, this is extremely rare even with significant impact due to the strength of tempered glass – anyone nearby will not be at risk.

Additional Reinforcement

In addition, some folks have concerns about whether their glass garage door will be able to hold up against all the weather elements a standard garage door is here to protect against. Is it as strong against wind, snow, ice and other elements?

Simply put, yes it is. Our doors are manufactured with commercial-grade aluminum, with section joints that stay durable for decades and keep the door from ever rolling off its tracks, even in high winds. On top of this, we can provide you with additional reinforcements like heavy-duty railing systems, high-level rollers and reinforced struts if you want even more protection.

Privacy Concerns

Another concern some have with glass garage doors is privacy – glass is clear, after all, and this leaves things pretty open in this area for prying eyes. You need not worry here, however. We have seven different painted finishes available, plus three anodized colors and powder coating if you require. We can even help you achieve the popular “frosted” glass look.

For more information on how our glass garage doors are completely safe and practical, or to learn about any of our garage door options, contact the pros at Crawford Door Sales today.

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