In part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed some initial steps for setting up a heated garage area. Whether you’re using this as a workspace, a kids’ playroom, a living area or for any other purpose, there are a few important factors to be aware of as you look to run heat through the garage area.

At Crawford Door Sales, not only do we offer a huge range of both commercial and residential garage doors, but also expertise with projects like these and many others down similar lines. Here are a few additional concepts to keep in mind while you look to heat your garage door, especially with the cold Salt Lake City winter approaching quickly.

heated garage setup insulation flooring

Wall Insulation

While we went over garage door insulation in part one of our series, it isn’t the only wall you need to think about for insulation. Typically, if you’re using the garage as an area where heat is being supplied, the walls will be more insulated than they would have been before your renovations.

Insulation will be particularly useful if your current wall materials are thin ones like sheathing or siding. You can even take this process a step further by adding drywall on the inside of your garage. In this way, you’ll have a much easier time keeping heat in and cold out during winter months. If you do choose to add drywall on the exterior wall, be sure to use weather-resistant material so that moisture doesn’t get in through the walls.

Flooring Options

Another important consideration for maintaining comfortable heat in your garage is the type of flooring you choose. While concrete has long-lasting durability and a sleek look, it doesn’t do as much to keep heat inside as many other options available. If your heating system fluctuates through different levels of heat, you’ll find that this causes discomfort for those in the area.

If you’re okay with sacrificing a little of your home’s comfort for easy maintenance, asphalt or concrete floors are wonderful options. You can also look at heated garage flooring, especially if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing option within the space.

Radiant Heat

Speaking of floors, one major area where you may consider adding heat: Radiant floor heating can be a wonderful way to heat up your garage. While you’ll have the same concerns of fluctuating heat levels as you would with an in-floor system, radiant heating is great for making sure that air around the floor doesn’t get too cold.

The main advantage for this type of heating is the specific targeting of where it goes most. This means that you’ll have to spend less time worrying about how cold it is just a few inches from the floor.

For more on how to turn your garage into a comfortable, warm space during the winter, or to learn about any of our garage door services in SLC or surrounding areas, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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