You have a number of possible choices available to you when you’re considering a new garage door, and one of these is the kinds of paneling that will be used. Two of the most common options here, and which are often compared directly with one another, are single-panel garage doors and sectional garage doors. 

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re happy to offer a huge range of garage door materials, from wood garage doors to steel, glass and many others for clients throughout Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah. What are the basic differences between these two kinds of garage doors, and which might be right for you? We’ll go over this across this two-part blog series.

single panel sectional garage doors

Defining Each Type

Firstly, let’s take a look at what we mean by “single panel” and “sectional” garage doors. Single panel doors are, as their name suggests, made up of a single piece. This will typically be hinged on one side, with the other side rolling up along tracks.

Sectional doors, meanwhile, are made up of several sections – typically four or five – which are hinged together. These will also run along tracks, but the sections themselves will be much easier to maneuver than a single, large panel.


The way that these doors open and close is one of the key differences between them. With a single panel door, the entire door raises up and out of the way when you open it. This can be a little more difficult – especially if the door is particularly large or heavy. However, for many settings, it’s ideal.

With sectional doors, meanwhile, the sections will slide up and back along the tracks as the door opens. This takes a little more effort to set up, but it’s often much easier (and smoother) to operate on a day-to-day basis.


Another area where these two types of doors differ is in their overall look. Single panel doors often have a more traditional feel to them, while sectional doors can appear more modern. Of course, this will also depend on the materials that you choose for your door – steel garage doors, for example, will usually have a more contemporary look than wood garage doors.


One area where these two types of doors do not differ much is in the range of materials that they are available in. At Crawford Door Sales, we offer both single panel and sectional doors in a wide variety of materials, including wood, steel, glass, aluminum and more. This means that you can find the perfect look for your home or business, no matter what your preference may be.

In our next blog, we’ll take a look at some more of the key differences between single-panel and sectional garage doors — contact us at your convenience for help with this or any other SLC garage door need.

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