There are many different types of doors found in both the residential and commercial world, and which is chosen for a given building is primarily dependent on need. And for several different kinds of commercial buildings, one of the most practically useful door types is the rolling door, also called a roll-up door.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of not only rolling doors, but also coiling doors, fire doors, security grilles and related items for any commercial setting. What are some of the main industries where rolling doors are typically found, and why are they beneficial for these and several other settings? This two-part blog series will go over several basic themes to keep in mind.

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Warehouses and Related Facilities

Perhaps the single most common use of the rolling door in a commercial setting today is within various warehouses and related facilities. These facilities are often full of forklifts or other heavy equipment, plus tons of materials – this means you need all the space you can get, and a rolling door is a great way to maintain this.

The door stays completely out of the way, allowing for machinery and items to be moved as-needed. Rolling doors are especially common on loading docks, where their ease of opening combines with excellent security while items are loaded or unloaded. Trucks or trailers can simply back right up to the door rather than needing to leave any clearance.

Self-Storage Businesses

Self-storage is a hugely popular industry, one that’s found in every major city in the US. Clients tend to care most about two distinct factors within self-storage: Price and convenience, and a rolling door hits the latter area directly. They are far easier to access than hinged doors, plus they take up no extra space in the walkway or inside storage units themselves when they’re opened. They’re also very easy to secure, including the use of locks that are only for the authorized individuals.

Healthcare Centers

Another setting where rolling doors are often used is within healthcare and medical facilities. These locations often have specialized equipment that will not fit through standard doors, and rolling doors are often used over hinged doors here because they present fewer risks of damage to the equipment while it’s being transported in.

In addition, waste and other forms of disposal that are common in medical settings are much easier with rolling doors. It’s easy to just pull a truck right up to the door and dispose of items, such as documents that need to be shredded for instance.

For more on the common uses of rolling doors in commercial settings, or to learn about any of our commercial or residential garage door services and garage door repair solutions, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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