In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on energy efficiency within the garage setup. Touching on themes ranging from your garage door and insulation up through areas like sealing the garage space and several others, there are a number of simple methods you can take to improve your efficiency and lower your monthly bill.

At Crawford Door Sales, we’re here to help in several ways. We offer wide-ranging commercial and residential garage door repair services, including to areas that play a big role in efficiency, plus offer brand new garage doors for homes or buildings that require them. What are some of the other areas we recommend to our clients when it comes to maximizing garage door energy efficiency? Let’s take a look.

garage energy efficiency lighting

Floor and Epoxy Coating

One area that some home or building owners gloss over when it comes to garage efficiency is the floor, which plays a big role here. If you have signif icant cracks or gaps in your floor, for instance, these may leak air into the ground below your property, or could create issues of gaps between your garage floor and the garage door – gaps that, again, allow air out.

However, if you use a basic epoxy coating for your floor, these risks are removed. This starts with cleaning the floor entirely, possibly with the assistance of a pressure-washer, after which you can move to coating the floor with an epoxy covering that will block imperfections. Finally, fill in any cracks with a sandable crack-filling product, which you can purchase at any home improvement store.


Another common efficiency issue in garages is an inefficient lighting setup. Especially for those who use garage lights often, such as homes that have converted the garage to an office or another living space, energy usage is high from these lights – and upgrading to modern LED bulbs may go a long way here. These bulbs generate the same level of light as traditional bulbs, but do so while using up only 25% of their energy.

Window Themes

Finally, if your garage has at least one window that hasn’t been upgraded recently, this could be a major source of inefficiency. Older, worn-down windows will create temperature loss and increase the strain on your HVAC system – to avoid this, we recommend looking for modern windows with multiple panes, low-E glass coatings and window gas fills. In addition, be sure to purchase durable, sturdy window frames with good insulation qualities, allowing you window area to function optimally.

For more on how to make your garage setup more efficient, or to learn about any of our garage door installation or repair services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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