On average, approximately 17 office fires occur every day within the United States. Many of these fires are the result of arson, faulty wiring, smoldering cigarettes, and other smoking materials that weren’t disposed of properly.

With this in mind, the question needs to be asked: “Is your company prepared to handle an office fire?”

If you’re not sure how prepared you might be, some precautions are listed below that you can review and implement to help your company personnel be ready for the unexpected:

  1. Develop a well thought out fire emergency plan in writing and make it readily available to all employees. All personnel should be able to describe the emergency procedures for their facility in case of a fire.

  2. Employees should be able to identify common fire hazards in the workplace and understand how to prevent them.†

  3. The fire emergency plan should also take into account those individuals who have special needs and provide an appropriate emergency response plan for them.

  4. All personnel should be shown where to find and how to correctly use a fire extinguisher.

  5. Take part in company fire drills as often as needed. Establish an employee meeting place when evacuating the building(s) so it’s easier to account for everyone.

  6. Treat every alarm as a real fire situation even if you have your doubts about it being an actual fire.

These suggestions only skim the surface of what can be done to bring your company’s personnel up to speed in case of a fire.

At Crawford Doors, we can offer various fire door options to better ensure that no one is seriously injured or killed in a serious fire at your facility. A well-constructed fire door can offer your company some semblance of peace of mind. Various models and options are available when it comes to fire doors. A fire door is one of the best investments that can be made to protect the well-being of your workers. We will be happy to explain to you what fire door options would work well for your business.

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