In most modern homes, the garage has become a front and center part of the exterior architecture. While older homes tended to hide the garage in the back, today the garage door has the possibility of stealing the design show of your home. The color that you choose for your garage door will be a huge determining factor in whether or not your garage door is a focal point, or whether it will blend in with the rest of the house.

For that reason, the first step in picking your garage door color is to determine how much attention you want your door to get.  For those who want the focus to be on the rest of the house and not the garage door, the best choice for your garage door (and trim) is the same color as your house.  This will help your garage door blend in seamlessly with the rest of the architecture and will actually make your whole house appear bigger. It is important that the trim also matches the door. If you paint your trim a contrasting color, it will still make your garage door pop out against the home.

TIP: For those with houses that are made of brick or stone, you want to choose a paint color that matches the color cast of the brick/rock instead of the actual color of the brick/rock.  The color cast is the second, highlighted color within the brick/rock and is usually beige, gold, or gray.

If you want to make your garage door a focal point of your home, then you want to pick a color that contrasts, yet compliments, the color of your home. The brighter or more vivid the color, the more the eye will automatically be drawn to the color of the garage, instead of the exterior of the home.

TIP: One amateur mistake is to try and highlight special features on your doors with different paint colors. This usually tends to only cheapen the overall look of your home. Pick one color and stick with it for the entire surface of the door.

The simple act of picking the right color for your garage door can change the entire feel of your home. By knowing whether or not your want your garage door to blend in or pop out, you can easily pick the color that is right for you.

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