Workers approaching warehouseIf you took all the time that you spend waiting for a garage door to open and close and added it up, how much time do you think it would be? Most of us don’t think about it, but for those of us who use commercial doors frequently, and depend on the opening and closing to help us do our job efficiently, it can feel like a really long time.

Many of our high speed and high performance doors take a third of the time to open and close as other new garage doors. There are a few reasons that you might find that this reduction in time is important to the operation of your business. Here are some of the most frequent reasons we see for businesses to opt for high-speed garage doors:

1: It’s hot outside

In the heat of summer, it’s easy to remember why you want a high speed garage door. Leaving the garage door open in order to transport goods inside and outside quickly brings the heat inside, leaving any warehouse workers you have to sweat it out for the rest of the day. Any air conditioning efforts you go to to keep it cool inside are wasted if you have a garage door that lets everything out.

The same principles apply for the winter. In order to protect your goods, and your workers, it can become important to also protect your warehouse from extreme temperatures. A high-speed door will help you maintain that conditioning.

2: Security is important

Did you know that a large proportion of pests and critters that sneak into residential garages simply do it while the garage door is opening and closing for the car? It’s not just a risk to those who leave their door open overnight. Now, imagine what this could mean for your business – whether the security is breached by an animal or a person.

In order to keep your perimeter secure, it’s important to keep an eye on any points of entry. Seldom do we consider the garage door a point of entry, but it is! If your door takes longer to open or close, you’re much less likely to watch the entry point the whole time, and catch any possible intruders.

3: You have a job to get done

Do you have a high-traffic garage door? It could be that you have frequent shipments in and out, or that you frequently need to move large vehicles. In any case, every time you or your employees have to wait for that garage door to open and close all the way (watching it the whole time in order to prevent safety and security risks) you waste time.

High speed commercial doors often pay for themselves within a short period of installation. High-performance garage doors are also built to perform consistently over about a million openings and closures. Investing in a motor that can perform at the same level as you and your business is a smart move for the future of your industry.

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