Garage door padlocksSometimes, your biggest door is also your biggest potential breach in security. Few of us consider the necessity of locks and chains on our commercial garage doors, whether those doors protect a fleet of vehicles, or a warehouse full of stock.

A garage door can be a popular target. For one thing, burglars know that no one is in the building and so they’re less likely to be caught. They’re not as likely to be caught from the outside, either. After all, a van pulled up to your warehouse door probably doesn’t look that unusual to any passers-by. For another, often the stock inside of a warehouse or garage is very valuable and easily turned around for re-sale.

In order to keep your commercial garage door safe and secure, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure you have a rolling-code garage door opener. The first garage door openers were all set to the same code across the brand, which means that all a burglar has to do is get lucky with the right brand in order to open your door. More recent ones allow you to set a custom code (even though many people still leave it on the default setting, which is a major mistake.) However, burglars can still copy that code using a code-grabber, which reads the signal and is able to imitate it. The newest garage door openers have rolling-code tech which broadcasts a different signal to the garage door each time, making it much more difficult to manipulate. Check the security settings on your garage door remote control to make sure that you have the latest security and tech.
  2. Padlock the door. Even the best garage door can be fooled. Some burglars employ a method wherein they slip something through a crack in the garage door base in order to trip the security-open setting from inside the garage. A padlock will prevent this kind of problem and give you an extra layer of security.
  3. Install a security system. Make sure that you get a notification if your garage door opens outside of business hours. Installing cameras can help you check in on the situation and notify the authorities if there’s a problem.
  4. Don’t leave garage door remotes in your car. It’s very easy for thieves to snatch these remotes clipped to your visor. Instead, invest in an opener that attaches to your keychain.
  5. Keep your garage doors in good repair and updated with the latest equipment.

If your business facility requires extra security measures, talk with us. Here at Crawford Doors, we’re highly experienced with installing secure perimeters. From entry gates to security grilles, we have you covered with all of your security needs. In the past, we’ve worked with everything from prison facilities and government complexes to residential gated communities. We can help you plan and execute your protected entry system.

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