We often think of garages as storage facilities or workshops, but are these really the only uses for your garage? In many homes, garages take up a significant amount of square footage. As long as you don’t have too much permanent storage: why let all that space go to waste?

There are many simple activities that might be great for your garage when you aren’t using it for storage or work. For example, on a rainy day, the cement floors might make a great roller skating rink, or even a makeshift skate park for the kids. Or, perhaps you are thinking of having a neighborhood gathering. Opening up the doors can make a space for people to escape the elements while still being included in the events taking place outside. During Halloween, the garage is a great place to build a spooky haunted house. Some garages don’t even need much much modification, just turning the lights out and having people wandering in the stuff that’s normally there could be scary enough!

Increasingly more homeowners are making more permanent changes to their garage spaces in order to take advantage of the square footage. Whether its for a home theater space, a “man-cave”, or perhaps a small storefront for a home salon; more and more people are finding alternative uses for their garage spaces. There are perhaps, some remodeling jobs where you might not want a garage door as a front for your new space, but products like foam-injected garage doors are actually insulators. So, in the winter, the door can help keep the man-cave at a perfect temperature; but then in the summer, it can open up to create the perfect “man-patio”. Also, a sleek glass design might be the perfect element to give your home an updated look, or it might be the perfect accent to give your home salon an ultra-modern business front appeal.

Whatever you decide to do with your garage, Crawford Doors is here to help you pick the best door for your space. Our team of experts can help you decide what types of doors might be best to address the alternative needs of your personal garage space. You’d be surprised at just how versatile our door designs can be. Our custom designs have been used on buildings with the newest architecture styles and homes with the most classic designs. So, we know how to build a door that will suit you.  Contact us with your ideas and let us see how we can help you.


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