IMG_0476Making small efforts over time can ultimately prevent you from having to deal with a large problem in the future. It is also important to keep in mind that operating a damaged garage door can violate work laws and building codes. At Crawford Doors, we have a team of professionals who can work with you to set up a regular maintenance schedule that will keep your door in top condition for a low price.In general, garage doors are built to be tough and get a lot of use. Since garage doors are usually constructed so well, they can often operate, even when they might be damaged. While this may be a convenient feature in the short run, this has an unfortunate side-effect: garage doors can sometimes damage themselves in seemingly normal operation. This is why it is critical to have your garage door regularly inspected and serviced for maintenance issues.

Sometimes, it is obvious when a mechanical device is not working quite right. Cars can make funny noises, handle weird, or even notify you with an indication light. However, garage doors don’t always give us these luxuries. It is possible that your garage door could have a number of issues going on with it, but still operate completely smoothly– at least seemingly smoothly.

In some situations, your garage door may seem to operate normally with a number of issues including: broken springs, broken cables, damaged rollers, damaged sections, and more. Just because it doesn’t seem broken, doesn’t mean you don’t need to fix it. Over time, any of the aforementioned problems can contribute to a number of more complicated problems which are much more expensive to fix.

Having your garage door regularly inspected and maintained can prevent you from having to replace larger more expensive pieces that should last you a long time. Even something that seems completely aesthetic like damaged door panels can affect your overall garage system. Bent metal panels on your door frame can put stress on the railings and door tracks that your garage needs to move. After enough use, your doors may not open/close properly or at all.

Issues like these aren’t just bad for your pocketbook, they can also affect the lives of employees and loved ones if a severe malfunction occurs. That is why building codes and work regulations have strict rules governing the quality and safety of garage door operation.

At Crawford Doors, we have the knowledge and experience to properly inspect, service, and maintain your garage doors. Not only do we make sure they are working at their best, but we can also make sure they are up to code; ensuring you, your family, and/or your business are all well protected. Browse our website, shoot us an email, or drop us a line to see what we can do to keep your garage doors running well and looking great!


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