Carton boxes and bikes in the garageWhatever you use your garage for — to store your cars, as a workshop, a storage space, etc. there are some things that you should never store in your garage.  However, many people are storing things in their garage that they do not know are a hazard for them and their family.  Protect yourself.  Read on for the four worst things to keep in your garage, and where you should put them instead.


Leftover paint can quickly go bad if kept in the garage.  Extreme heat during the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter destroy your old paint.  If you store the paint cans on the ground, they can rust, especially if your garage door is prone to leaking.  Direct sunlight can also cause the can to expand and the lid to pop off, allowing fumes to enter the room, becoming a fire hazard.  Keep your paint in a cool, dry, dark place, like the basement, and make sure that the seal is secure.  


Again, the fluctuating temperatures in the garage can cause your food storage to go bad.  Even if you have food cans, the heat can begin to cook the food, spoiling it, making your food storage worthless.  Food cans should be kept below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so designate a room or closet in your home to keep your food storage in rather than storing it in the garage.  


Gasoline and propane are a fire hazard and you should not keep gas cans or propane tanks in your garage.  Of course you want to be prepared for your next cookout, but you can ignite the fumes from these fuel sources by starting your car.   You should keep your propane outside next to your grill, and gasoline outside in a shed or well-ventilated room.  

Unorganized Clutter

The unorganized mess that is your garage is not only a fire hazard, but it could be home to bugs, mice, and more!  Rodents like to burrow in linens, towels, and papers, making your storage their home.  The garage is also easy to break into, so make sure that you don’t have any important paperwork in there.  It is better to shred old bank statements and other paperwork than keep it on hand anyway.  If you do keep things like blankets and paperwork in your garage, make sure that they is in a plastic container, as cardboard boxes can easily be chewed through.  

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