What will your garage be?There are many ways that you can use your garage besides just as storage for your cars.  Below are seven creative uses for your garage.

Convert it to a Spare Room

You can convert your garage into a spare bedroom to give you extra space to host your ever growing family.  Make sure that you get the proper building permits for your garage or you can find yourself in a lot of trouble if you try to sell your home.

Photo Studio

If you are an emerging photographer, you can use your garage as a mini photo studio.  It has plenty of room to set up all of your equipment — your backdrop, camera, lights, etc.  You will even have plenty of room to store extra props and backdrops without compromising your photo space.  It’s the perfect photo studio.  

Workout Room

Use your garage as a workout room or dance studio instead of just a storage space.  Install the proper floor for your room to avoid injuries.  If you are turning it into a dance studio, make sure that you have a nice wooden dance floor.  If you are using your garage as a workout room, put in EVA interlocking foam flooring to make the floor more comfortable.  


Office Space

If you often work from home or own your own business, but you don’t have room in your house for an office, you may benefit from turning your garage into a small office.  It is a perfect space because it can be easily transformed to fit your needs and can be quite private.  


Tool Haven

If you are a handy DIY-er, it might be a good idea to use your garage as a tool haven.  Create organized shelves and designated areas for all of your tools. Make sure that you have an area to work in for quick projects.

Music Space

If you or your children are learning a new instrument but you don’t want to disturb the rest of the family while practicing, turn the garage into a sound-proof music space.  Adding an extra layer of drywall and soundproof sheets can create the perfect music haven for you and your band.   

Game Room

Turn the garage into an exciting game room.  Lay down carpet to make it softer, and throw in a comfy couch.  Bring your friends over for epic LAN parties or just a small group for a more intimate setting.  


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