If your garage door breaks down, whether at home or at your business location, you naturally want it fixed as soon as possible. A non-functioning garage door can lose you everything from efficiency to safety and security, and it might even be tempting to attempt a few simple fixes on your own.

At Crawford Door Sales, we generally recommend against this. We offer garage door repair services for both residential and commercial garages, and unless you’re a trained and certified garage repair specialist like ours, we advise that you leave these services to us for several important reasons. Here they are.

Replacing garage door spring


First and foremost, it simply isn’t safe for most amateurs to work on a garage door that’s broken or damaged in some way. Garage doors are heavy pieces of equipment that come with several moving parts, including a few that can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. And so we’re clear: Watching a couple online tutorials does not mean you know what you’re doing.

Attempting these kinds of fixes on your own might end up costing you a lot more than simply getting repairs done by professionals – both from a money and personal standpoint. We’ve seen people end up in the hospital through attempting garage door fixes they weren’t qualified to make, but this is a result you can easily avoid.

Further Damage

Not only are you risking your own personal health when you try to fix your garage door on your own, you’re also risking the quality of the door itself. Even if you’re handy and regularly make basic fixes to your plumbing or other home areas, that doesn’t suddenly qualify you to fix garage doors, and some of the worst damage we’ve seen in our time repairing garage doors has come from people who attempted to repair their own and actually made things worse in the process.

Rather, our professionals are actively trained for this kind of thing. We know exactly which areas to prioritize or avoid, and our technicians will not leave your home or business until the job has been completed correctly.

Upgrade Opportunity

In some cases, a damaged or non-functioning garage door offers a great opportunity to replace the system in a much more cost-effective way than repairing it. There are some cases where garage door repair is only putting a Band-Aid on a larger issue, and where doing so repeatedly will cost you far more over a period of time than simply replacing the door with a new one at a single flat cost.

Once again, though, you aren’t likely to spot these signs if you’re an amateur DIY fixer. Some of them are only visible to trained eyes, and our pros can tell you whether your garage is at a point in its lifespan where replacement is a more cost-effective solution than repair.

For more on why you should leave garage door repairs to the pros, or to learn about any of our garage door services or product, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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