For many businesses or even certain residences looking for a great combination of aesthetic qualities and practical functionality in their garage doors, a great potential option is known as the roll-up garage door. Also called a service door or a rolling door, these options are strong, durable garages that roll up and down, rather than swinging on a horizontal track.

At Crawford Door Sales, roll-up garage doors are just one of our numerous residential or commercial garage door products available, along with similar options like counter doors, fire doors and even security grilles. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over everything you need to know about roll-up doors, from their basic qualities and cost factors to the specific benefits they might bring to your residence or commercial building.

roll-up garage doors benefits

Roll-Up Garage Door Basics

As we noted above, roll-up garage doors are options that roll up and down only. They are made from steel or aluminum in nearly all cases, and can either be insulated or uninsulated based on your needs.

Nearly everyone has seen an example of roll-up garage doors during their daily lives. They are the most common option for commercial buildings like storage facilities, auto repair shops and various loading docks, and you often also see them in storefront areas.

These doors are designed to move as a single piece, made from a group of metal slats locked together. When they rise up, they wrap around a drum and coil up, with the coiled roll stored above the opening. This means that unlike other garage door types, roll-up doors do not require a ceiling track and will lave more overhead space open.

Weight Considerations

A primary question from many potential roll-up door buyers is how much the door will weigh, and the answer will vary based on your needs. If the door needs to be insulated, for instance, this will add to the weight.

However, if light weight is a priority for you, there are many such options available. You can choose a thinner door that has limited insulation, for instance.

Cost Factors

Cost is another big element to consider, and it will also vary based on your budget and the qualities you require. Which material you choose plays a big role here, as will whether you utilize insulation. Generally speaking, however, roll-up garage doors are a bit more expensive than a traditional overhead door – but much of this is because of the long-term benefits they provide, which we’ll be digging into during part two of this series.

For more on roll-up doors or any of our other quality garage door options, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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