Garage doors serve several important purposes in any home or business, and one primary such purpose is security. Whether we’re talking about your family or important business materials, garage doors help protect your main entryway from burglars and other less-than-reputable figures.

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At Crawford Door Sales, we have a wide variety of commercial and residential garage doors that can help with security, including strong steel doors available in several styles. On top of this, however, we can offer additional tips on how to increase the security of your garage area if protection is a top priority for you or you are located in a high-crime area. Let’s do exactly that in this two-part blog series.

Security System

The simplest and most straightforward way to supplement the security offered by your garage door is to install a security system. This system may not be limited to the garage area, but should include it if you’re also going to install solutions for areas like the front and back entry doors.
Possible systems here include motion sensors, motion lights, or even cameras in some situations. It’s easy to hook each of these systems up to alarms that go off anytime they’re triggered, alerting either you or the proper authorities (or both).

Door Insulation

You may think insulation is only for keeping the area warm, and while this is indeed the primary purpose, you may not have realized what a deterrent it is for burglars as well. Good insulation makes it far tougher for anyone to break down or cut through the door in any way, and if you’re already using a strong material like steel for your door, it will be virtually impossible for even well-outfitted villains to break in this way.

Door Timers

One of the most common sources of home invasions through the garage is due to owner error – leaving the garage door open when you go to work because you were in a rush, for example. Thieves will stake out neighborhoods where this happens often, waiting until it does to waltz in and rob you blind.

Luckily, a door timer can help with this. Garage door openers can be programmed with a timer that will close the door automatically after a set period of time after being opened.

Opener Security

Another bit of owner error that can be very dangerous is misplacing the garage door opener or leaving it somewhere easily accessible to thieves. If you park outside and leave your opener in an unlocked car, for instance, you’re virtually begging for it to be stolen and used to break into your home. If you have trouble keeping your remote in a safe place, consider connecting it to your keychain so it’s always with you.
For more on how to increase the security of your garage door, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the pros at Crawford Door Sales today.

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