For all who own them, garage door remotes are important and convenient home items. They prevent us from having to get out of the car every single time we come home just to open the garage, and also have tangential safety benefits attached to them as well. 

At Crawford Door Sales, we have a wide variety of door operators available for both residential and commercial garages. We’re also here to remind you that apart from being fun and convenient, a garage door opener is also extremely important when it comes to your home’s security – and this becomes doubly so if you ever lose the opener or have it stolen. Let’s go over some basic steps to take if this happens to you.  

Confirm It’s Missing

In many cases, a garage door opener you’re worried was lost or stolen has really just been misplaced. Check all the nooks and crannies of your car, including that annoying space between your seat and the middle console, to ensure it didn’t just get dropped somewhere or wedged into a corner. Also be sure to check the glove compartment, trunk, and the immediate vicinity of the car – including the garage (check on the ground in all directions from the car, for instance, as you may have dropped the opener and then kicked it without noticing). 

If you still can’t locate the opener, think about where you’ve been recently. Is there anywhere it could have been moved to? Could your spouse or another family member have borrowed it and forgotten to let you know? Before you take action, make sure you’ve turned up every realistic stone here. 

Act Quickly

If you’ve been through all of the above steps and still cannot find the opener, you have to act quickly. Remember that a garage remote virtually functions as a key to your home, and if it happens to be in the hands of someone unscrupulous, you could be at risk. 

First off, disable the remote using your garage keypad. There should be a Smart Button that allows you to hold it down for a few seconds, thereby disabling all remotes and keypads temporarily. If you have a spare remote, you can then reprogram this using basic directions. If not, you can purchase a few different types of universal remote and then program them separately. 

Preventing Future Issues

The first precaution we can recommend here is to always lock your car doors, even in your own garage. In addition, we recommend hiding the remote within your car so no one is tempted to steal it. 

On top of this, especially if you’re looking for a new opener after your last one was lost, you might consider smart technology here. There are several opener systems out there that can be linked directly to your smartphone, allowing you more control and one fewer item to keep track of. 

For more on what to do if you lose your garage remote, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the pros at Crawford Door Sales today. 

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