At Crawford Door Sales, we know our clients use their garages and garage doors for a variety of different purposes. We design a number of different residential and commercial garage door options to fit these varying needs, from business fire doors to several different materials for your home.

Some people choose to use the garage for other purposes than storing a vehicle – even if they do own such a vehicle, which then is generally parked in the driveway or on the curb. And while this is totally up to you as a homeowner if this is how you use your residential garage door, there are a few reasons why we might recommend against this and instead advise you to store your car in the garage itself whenever possible.

parking in the garage benefits

Here are some of the most important:

Car Protection

When it comes to protection, most people naturally think of weather elements like moisture or ice – and this is, indeed, a primary benefit garages and garage doors bring. But you should also consider several other possible areas of damage or inconvenience to your vehicle.

Things like bird droppings (many of them are highly acidic and will damage vehicle paint), ultraviolet light (can crack leather interior materials) and morning condensation are all completely avoided simply by using the garage for its original purpose. So not only are you keeping things more convenient, you’re protecting your car – a valuable investment – at the same time.


Theft and crime are always possible in your neighborhood, even if you live in a good area. One very simple way to keep your vehicle and anything inside it safe is just to park it in the garage instead of on the street, forcing would-be vandals or thieves to make their way through another layer of security if they want to attempt to get at your belongings.

Convenience and Safety

Parking inside the garage is just more convenient; things like groceries, children, pets and numerous other items are so much easier to shuttle in and out of the home this way. This also makes loading up for trips or vacations much simpler.

But beyond just the convenience aspect, think about how this impacts your overall safety. You’re putting yourself at risk if you attempt to carry a stack of heavy boxes into the home across an icy driveway, but you avoid those risks completely if you’re just parking in the garage.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, parking inside the garage is known to improve the visual appeal of the space. Cars in the driveway or on the curb of a property make it seem cluttered in many cases, and this can be particularly relevant if you’re considering selling in the future – things like “curb appeal” (the way your home looks when it’s first seen) can have an outsized impact on what it sells for.
For more on why you should park your car in the garage when you can, or to learn about any of our garage door products or services, speak to the staff at Crawford Door Sales today.

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