An upscale house with a garage doorAs we enter the new year, we have plenty of goals for ourselves. Some of these goals are realistic, and others, we’re sure, are certainly less so. However, it’s also a great time of year for homeowners to think about what goals they have for their home in the new year. This brings us to the oft neglected part of the home that deserves a little bit of love this year: your garage. Here are some resolutions you can have for your garage in 2017…

Spring cleaning

Sadly, garages often end up being a place where clutter accumulates, as it collects the unwanted items that a homeowner just isn’t ready to throw out, yet. However, the new year is the perfect time to get rid of old junk and free up the space in your home and, specifically, your garage. Give your garage some spring cleaning love, and you’ll be amazed at all the new space you have.

Build an organization system

Aside from some routine spring cleaning, there are other ways to get the most out of the space in your garage. A garage, aside from being a place to store your vehicle, is supposed to be a place for you to build things; so utilize it! This year is the perfect time to put your handiwork to the grindstone and build a new organizational system for your garage. This will allow you to better utilize the space that you have, and get more from the hardiest place in your home.

Insulate your garage

Every year, being green is more and more in style. Take advantage of all of the benefits that being green can have for your home by updating the insulation in your garage. This will help you better control the climate in your garage and save you in energy costs for years. Also, remember that the most important aspect of garage insulation is your garage door. Do some research to see if you are getting the most effective insulation from your current garage door.

Expand your garage’s possibilities

As we said above, part of what a garage is supposed to be is a place where you can build things. Essentially, every home with a garage has its own little studio/workshop where you can make things that you need. This year, expand the possibilities of your garage by installing things to help you be more handy inside of it. Maybe this means expanding your toolkit, or maybe it means building your own workbench. Either way, setting up your garage to be multifunctional makes your garage a more fulfilling amenity to your home.

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