commercial garage doorAre you having trouble with your commercial garage door? Here is a look at some of the most common problems that arise with commercial garage doors—and what you can do about them.

Old or damaged torsion spring

Torsion spring repair and replacement are fairly common in the world of commercial garage door repair. Doors that use a torsion spring system require a reliable torsion spring in order for the door to open effectively; any damage to this spring could mean that your door will not have the power it needs to lift all the way up.

Worn or damaged rollers

Garage door rollers gradually wear down due to everyday wear and tear, and dirt and debris can interfere with their proper functioning as well. Whatever the issue, a garage door repair specialist can replace worn or damaged rollers to get your commercial door working again.

Worn or damaged cables

Garage door systems—particularly torsion and extension spring garage door systems—rely on a variety of cables in order to work effectively. Torsion spring cables, for example, attach to cable drums at the ends of your door’s torsion spring, as well as to brackets at the bottom of your door. Safety cables, meanwhile, are installed in extension spring systems in order to keep a broken garage door spring from sailing around the garage in the event of an emergency. Whatever cables your garage door uses, they will need regular replacement—just as the tension or extension springs do.

Damaged section or panel

If the face of the garage door is damaged, there’s good news: it is possible to replace only the damaged section or panel of the garage door. Often, a replacement of just a single panel is all that is necessary, and this type of repair can save you the trouble of having your entire garage door replaced.

Improper alignment

Commercial garage doors run on metal tracks, and when these tracks get damaged or fall out of alignment, they can prevent a garage door from opening or closing correctly. Sometimes improper alignment can mean having to replace the entire track of your garage door system. At other times, only a simple adjustment of the tracks is needed.

We at Crawford Door Sales are your commercial garage door experts. Whatever the problem, we are prepared to address it as quickly and professionally as possible. Because of the dangerous parts involved in commercial garage door systems, commercial garage door repairs are best left to a professional. If your business has a commercial garage door that’s not working its best, give us a call today at 801-839-7002.

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