Front view loading docksAny company that deals with shipping and receiving frequently understands the importance of a safe and efficiently-run dock. Here at Crawford, we offer all types of commercial dock equipment in order to help businesses do their work as safely and efficiently as possible. We have encountered a lot of docking equipment, and we use Blue Giant products because we believe that they offer the highest quality and most durable products available. Not only that, but they offer a wide selection of products to suit any and all of your dock equipment needs.

Here is a look at the loading dock equipment products we offer and work with most often.

Dock levelers

A dock leveler is a movable ramp, designed to facilitate transport or shifting of cargo between a docking bay and freight vehicle.

Pit style

Pit style dock levelers function as an integral part of many loading bays, and they provide a smooth path for cross-docking traffic. We offer pit style dock levelers in mechanical, hydraulic, and air-powered models, in a wide variety of sizes.

Vertical storing

Vertical storing dock levelers are the perfect solution when your company must adhere to strict climate control or high cleanliness levels. They allow overhead doors to close all the way to the floor, minimizing energy loss and flow of debris.


Safety dock levelers prevent forklift roll-off and overhead door impact damage at the loading dock by engaging a Door and Dock Guard (DDG) when the leveler is in the parked position. Ultimately, this means more security and less risk of expensive downtime.

Dock lifts

Dock lifts can be stationary or semi-portable, and they are designed to facilitate moving goods from a truck and transfer them to a dock or ground elevation.


Our stationary dock lifts can be mounted in a pit or anchored to a concrete pad and are designed to increase safety and efficiency in loading and unloading.


Our semi-portable dock lifts are installed at the dock face and mounted on locating cradles and wear plates, thus eliminating the need to form a concrete pit or pad. We offer a low-profile model that is perfect for ground level loading and unloading.

Seals and shelters

Seals and shelters are designed to function as an energy-efficient barriers around loading dock doors, conserving energy, preserving internal temperatures, and protecting goods from outside contaminants.

Compression seals

Compression seals feature a fixed or adjustable head pad and a head curtain, and they create an energy-efficient barrier around the trailer’s top and sides.

Rigid shelters

Shelters allow for full-trailer access while maintaining a secure seal across the top and sides of the trailer. We can install a rigid, retractable, or inflatable shelter at your loading dock door depending on your particular needs.

Vehicle restraints

Vehicle restraints are designed to keep trucks and trailers stationed at the dock. The vehicle restraints we use can apply up to 35,000 pounds of restraining force, and they are simply designed, making them remarkably easy to use. We offer hydraulic, electric, and mechanical models, and all come standard with touch controls and an interior and exterior LED lights communication system.

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