Big suburban home in wintertimeIt would be simple to just make your garage door be a large aluminum plate and call it good. So long as it opens and closes just fine, you’re good, right? Well, not exactly. Using and installing garage doors with specialized insulation and better thermal performance actually can make an enormous difference on a warehouse environment. For this reason, there are key reasons why a business should look at the thermal performance of a door before outfitting their loading dock with new doors. Here are a few reasons why thermal performance matters for your garage door…

Prevents freezing temperatures from occurring

First of all, most businesses with warehouses expect their employees to work throughout the day in that environment. During the winter, warehouses always get cold, that’s just the nature of the work environment, but they don’t have to be freezing. If the temperatures are below the freezing point outside, then they will likely also be so on the inside of an uninsulated garage door, assuming that you aren’t paying to heat the warehouse, constantly, which would be very expensive. However, a garage door with a high thermal performance can keep the temperatures in the 40’s, even if it is freezing outside. That makes a huge difference for your employees.

Thermal performance means the garage will last longer

Garage doors with a higher thermal performance tend to be a lot sturdier. That’s because the construction of a garage door with insulation on the inside requires a more elegant design that is built to last longer. A garage door that will rise and lower to the temperature of the outdoors is more likely to experience long-term damages from the elements. Insulated garage doors, though, will last a lot longer because they won’t be as damaged, over time, from major temperature shifts.

Leads to a quieter garage door

Just like how an insulated garage door will last longer, the sturdiness of their construction also means that they tend to rattle a lot less when you open them. This reduces a great deal of noise that is caused by an opening and closing garage door. This generally makes for a nicer work environment and means that you don’t have instances where the garage is opening or closing where your employees can’t hear each other, which can be a safety hazard in a warehouse environment where communication can mean the difference between and accident or not.

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